We’re Four Fries.

And no, we don’t sell fries here.

We know most people don’t like reading long-winded web pages (so do we), so to cut a long story short, we are a group of passionate creatives in Penang, Malaysia. We use digital skills and tools to create web and mobile experiences for our clients.

That's pretty much it. But if you want to know more, keep scrolling.

Life at Four Fries

We are a small group of designers and developers. We know how to work hard and fry hard (not literally of course—play hard, rest hard, or whatever, but you get the idea). We understand that our work doesn’t necessarily define us, but it's something we're proud of. We strive to create a fun environment that helps our squad work on side projects they want while juggling multiple clients.

Frying it at work

We know working hard can co-exist with time to explore the world, to spend time with our friends and family (or alone), so we’re looking for people who care about this balance.

Be raw and unfiltered

We believe we should open ourselves up to criticism and conversation, so we highly encourage you to share feedback, acknowledge and appreciate hard work by others.

Expression of fun

It’s good to get out from our usual work and have some fun side projects. We don’t take ourselves too seriously (or at least we try), so we constantly try to create an environment where projects can be creative and light-hearted as well.

Fry up great work

We can sweeten it up, but at the end of the day this is why we hire you. We’re all in this together, so we want you to have a sense of ownership, a diligent approach towards processes, and a genuine regard for communicating it well to others in the squad.

Some perks we offer

Flexi hours & remote working

When people come from different cultures, working styles, and peak productive schedules, the work they fry up together becomes better. Hence, we follow flexitime across the board.

Level up your skills

While we all come together to do the best work we can, we recognise the importance of our squad's growth and development. Hence, we offer a budget for education (classes, books, workshops, online learning, or any other subscription) of your choice.

Enjoy your special day

It’s your birthday! We know birthdays are important, so Fries members (and interns) can take the day off on us in addition to your paid holidays.

Our sizzling menu


To enhance the user experience, we begin by figuring out a detailed sitemap or flowchart before building wireframes for you. Then we start translating these wireframes into functional and beautiful user interfaces. We also create interactive 3D elements that can add a taste of uniqueness and dimensionality to a webpage.



Before we build a digital product, we can help you create content that evokes emotions. We can design effective and delightful web animations as well as writing captivating and compelling copy to create the right connections with your customers.



This is where we build digital experiences. We create interactions with realistic prototypes that help you understand how they work. They could be for a website or a mobile app. Then we bring to life its visual elements through front-end coding. Or, we could combine it with the back-end to make a fully immersive and interactive experience.


The Fries squad

If you stroll down here, you are a true foodie (ahem, we mean fan). Hence, we’d like you to meet our squad here at Four Fries.

Founder & Creative

Chong Ching

Lead UI & UX Designer

Natasha Keowmang

3D & Web Animator

Yu Hern

Full-stack Developer

Wei Lon

Let’s fry up something special together!

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