Not the kind you eat.

They are the rejected, unpublished, and unfinished design works that we’re proud of, even though they just didn't make the final cut.

From large to small, check out our leftovers—our works and projects that would otherwise be collecting dust somewhere in the depths of our scrapyard.

Large leftovers

Often, the ones we like the most just aren’t right for the clients. Maybe they didn’t feel the design properly reflected their brands, or other concepts simply suited them better. Hence, we want to give those unwanted designs the showcase that they deserve. 

UI Design Sergio's
UI Design Easyhome
UI Design Dive Gear Plus
UI Design Sol Estate
Medium leftovers

These are the good, the surprising, and the wonderfully silly designs from our fun side-projects that we’re playing (and frying) around with. 

UI Design Modellare
UI Design CRLG
UI Design ACC
UI Design Volkswagen Bettle
UI Design Meadow
UI Design HB.Depot
UI Design Kahvia
UI Design Festivn
UI Design Pawscue
UI Design Daft Punk
UI Design Baustil
UI Design Mars Expacer
UI Design Inomhusvaxt

Let’s fry up something special together!

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